META-Mop 40 Cleaning Robot

Specifications :

META-MOP 40 is the one-stop cleaning robot solution. Discreet, reliable and easy to operate and will become the perfect assistant for all cleaning operations. Able to perform floor cleaning, vacuuming dust pushing cleaning operations. Suitable for multiple cleaning areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, campuses, exhibition halls, office buildings, terminals and etc.

Cleaning Width : 440mm
Cleaning Pressure : 2-6kg (Adjustable)
Cleaning Efficiency : 1600m³ (Roller Brush)
(Single Operation)   3000m³ (Vacuum) | 6000m³ (Dust Mop)
Solution Tank : 10L
Recovery Tank : 10L
Battery Life : Up to 3hours (Roller Brush) | Up tp 8hours (Dust Mop)
Charging Time : Up to 2hours
Display Screen : 7 inches
Operation Speed : 0.8m/s (Adjustable)
Noise Level : 75dB(A)
Weight : 35kg
Dimension : 500(L) x 504(W) x 629(H)mm


Advantages :

– Smart Cleaning Algorithm
– Automated Scheduled Cleaning Operations
– Dynamic Obstable Avoidance & Re-visit Function
– Multi-Platform Connection
– Simple and Effortless Maintenance